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Meta Theresa
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Hello me dear' friends :), I Am, Spottedleaf, i hope, you'll be interested, to ask me, ASK or DARE, me ANYTHING <3!

Gender: Female.

Mate : None.

Age : 49 Moons. At death.

clan : Thunderclan.

Death : Killed by clawface.

Mother : SwiftBreeze.

Father : AdderFang.

Brother's : RedTail, PatchPelt.

Sister's : Willowpelt, Leopardfoot.

Mentor's : Thrustpelt, FeatherWhisker.

best friends : :iconaskwhitesniff: :iconcrystalclearr: :iconaskcats01: :iconsparktail162::iconthreehornsone:

Favorite artist(s) : :iconcaicyo: :iconx-ask-tigerstar-x: :iconsparktail162: :icondezline: :iconsparktail162:

idol : :icondezline: :iconsparktail162:

crush : Firestar (which one of deviantart didnt decide ?o.0')

Thanks, thats it for now.



Crush : Rivertail ( an oc from :iconaskwhitesniff: )

Mate : RiverTail ( An of from :iconaskwhitesniff: )

Clan : RiverClan

Past : Rogue, Loner,

Annoying pest's but still friendly i think : Ankleclaw (sometimes (much) he can be really really annoying .-., )

Friends : (many character's of whitesniff) Astro flame ( i guess xD i personnally think yes. xD)

Mate : iduntreallyknow?xD if girlfrriend counts i really think rivertail :I iregretnothing

KIts : Nope

Sister : night

annoying sister : NightEye (or so XDDD)

Mother : Azilia

Father : Storm

Likes :


Fish, Voles , Birds.

being flirty

being grumpy


snugglekit, (as a friend you pedophiles xDD)

dinner, breakfast,

Annoy people, that he dislikes

Whitepaw(as friend)

And many others from whitesniff character's but no way beamtail >=>


Dislikes :

Ankleclaw ( the chosin annoying)

Beamtail (Making rivertail sad, .__.)

Ravens (mega rats of the sky =-=)

Annoying pest's

Too random people

People who want to kill his friends and especially rivertail and snugglekit.

What would do :

Die for his friends and snugglekitAndRivertail

do almost everything to get his father back

i dont know what to write not XD



KIsses from rivertail :iconawesomefaceplz:



roll around

run in circle


rivertails eyes, *drools*

Snugglekit hugz xDD, no seriously <-<

annoy admin. :'D

Personality :

Protective even when he has no chance.




Fierce xD



did i mention grumpy? and stinker? xD

funny sometimes xD ( *serious face* im joking i guess?)

Story : when he was a kit he lived with his mother azilia, father storm, and his sister Night/Nighteye, they wanted to move to riverclan, because, were they lived, was prey running short, and more twolegs came, into their territory, and as they needed to cross a barn, they didnt know it was with a territory, and, when the known cat as dark, saw them in his territory, he just run to them, and told them to leave instantly, or they'll have to pay with the kittens lifes, storm tried to explain him they arent hunting anything, that they are passing it, but dark didnt believe sadly, and attacked first frost, leaving a a deep scar on his paw and on backleg. and then pounced again, trying to reach the throat but storm pinned dark down before he could pin down frost, and told them to run, as fast as they can, anywhere but away from there, and they did so, only frost stayed frozen and his mother had to drag him, and as they ran, they heard battle yowls, from their battle, but couldnt stop, the mother had to keep them safe, and shes not the strongest, after a while of running they reached the end of the territory, and layed down, begging starclan for mercy, that their father will stay alive, after a day, they came back, to the place where the fight was, and as they came near, they saw a drying blood puddle, and saw a body, frost and night run the body, hoping it will be dark, but... it wasnt, it was storm, eyes wide, every many deep scars, as if dark still clawed and bited him even though storm was dead, nights and frost's eyes wined and burried them selfes in his fur crying, their mother looked one time, and dropped her head, tears falling down too. they soon came back, the mother first waited better when they're older, when they can protect themselves. and in the night that they knew their father was dead, frost and night swore they'll keep eachother safe, frost and night fast found friends, named "izi" "jamem" "Lily" and the twins "itnit" and "iknik". when they all were apprentices, azilia, started to hate frost, everything about him was just weird and stupid to her, if he would have not have been frozen after he got attacked and storm pinned dark down, maybe the mother could have helped and storm would be alive, and one day, she told frost to go hunting, with a sweet, kind, voice, and frost did so, it was rare, she asked him so kind, and he though she began to like him, but as he came back, they were gone, just gone.. never to be seen again.... azilia, drowned while passing the river, but night was saved, by a riverclan hunting patrol, but almost died too, and became a riverclan apprentice, named as nightpaw, and her warrior name later, nighteye, frost became grumpier, and aggresive, when someone entered his stable, it was where he slept, and it was abandoned, it had some holes, but not enough to make it cold, he covered most holes with moss, and his his den was made with leaves and moss, he only did an excuse for rivertail, she may be the only one. that can enter his stable, as long as she wants and when she wants xD. (more will be written soon c:)

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XAsk-Hawkfrost Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dear Spottedleaf, 

Although your one of the worst Medicine Cats alive, I do have to say your smexy and I think ur hawt. Whatcha think of meh ;D 

 Sincerely, Hawkfrost ur future waifu
Apple-Paw-chan Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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Scetchiekat Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ur shading man it's just
so dramatic 
such cool
teach me
XAsk-SpottedLeafX Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ishall do a tutorial soon

dont worry scetchiekat-san.

but u guys will need paint tool sai


there is. no.....ONLINE. :iconzoominplz:
Scetchiekat Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*facedesk* I use an iPad for everything
even my art
the only computer I have is an old macbook
XAsk-SpottedLeafX Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

i use laptop
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